YI is an application that can provide a better sleeping by including both visual and auditory signals. The visual element will significantly help you to fall asleep by providing them with a calming projection that is synchronized with either the white or ambient noise. YI not only uses auditory signals to help you fall asleep but also introduces a lower frequency throughout the dormant period in order to maintain a consistent sound level which reduces the occurrence of sleep disturbance for you.

Motion Graphic; UI & UX Design; VI
Mind Map
Concept Map

The logo of “ YI” combines the shape of memory pillow and Chinese character YI . All curves of the logo is logical and smooth

Clear Space

The area around the logo needs enough white space to show the calming tone because white space can make people feel comfortable on a visual level.

Colour Palette
Logo with background
Information architecture diagram
flow diagram

All the works made by Liankun Sun.
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