About Me

About Me

My name is Liankun Sun and you can call me Kyle. I am a junior graphic designer with an extensive knowledge in the principles of Graphic Design, specifically in packaging, printing, web design, brand development and motion graphics. I am a quick learner, team-player as well as a detail-orientated person.

  • branding
  • typography
  • Motion Graphic
  • Advertising

  • web design
  • UI Design

My Skills

Graphic Software

These three software programs are essential to designers. Personally, I use InDesign for all my work in relation to typography. I use Illustrator and Photoshop when creating design elements such as images, patterns, icons, logos, etc.

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator

Wed Design Software

Based on my knowledge of HTML and CSS, I can modify web templates downloaded online. Adobe Muse is like Illustrators while it can also be coded. Adobe Edge is a mixture of Adobe Flash and Adobe After Effect. Personally, I haven’t used Muse or Edge in a while.

Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Muse
Adobe Edge

Video editing Program

While working for TechTAP, my Adobe After Effect’s skills improved tremendously. I learned how to change an animation based on the description. Through organizing the After Effect file, my organization skills have increased and I learned how to search a file through the use of a great naming system. I also learned Cinema 4D through an online course though I am not as proficient anymore.

Adobe After Effects
Cinema 4D

UI & UX Design Program

I’ve only had two opportunities to design an app, but the two programs on the right are easy to learn and use. In my opinion, I think Flinto can reach a better result.

Adobe Experience Design

My Work Experience

Intern — TechTAP

TechTAP is an information technology and services company. While working there, I did internal videos for the three companies on the left. (Since these videos are classified, I can’t upload any videos or images on my website.) Mostly, I worked on CIBC videos. They have a lot of statistic videos which I made by the description in After Effect. While at TechTAP, I learned how to read and modify coding in After Effect.

Volunteer — Tom*

Working for Tom* was an exciting time. It wasn’t about the type of events I could attend, but instead the work my manager trusted me with. I also found the type of work I was interested in. One night I received an email around midnight telling me they needed a hair and make-up book by 6 a.m. the next morning. With only a few hours to complete my task, it was quite an intense but satisfying moment.

All the works made by Liankun Sun.
Thank you for visiting. Have a good day. ( ̄ˇ ̄)

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